Room for Rent

Our Church house in Payten St Putney currently has one vacant room. It is available for $135 a week, no more to pay (includes electricity and water).
Email for more info!

Cafe Sete & Shed Night!

Over the next few weeks Cafe Sete is hosting the following:
Sunday the 9th - Cinema Sete - Evan Almighty, rated G from 6:30pm.
Sunday the 16th - Live Music entertainment with "Jade" and "The Sound of Chocolate" from 6:30pm.
Monday the 24th - Carols in the Cafe from 7pm.

These are free events. Anyone is welcome to come along! Speaking of free events, our next Shed Night is on the 14th of December at 7pm. BBQ tea provided. This is our last Shed Night for the year!

Introducing God

Cafe Sete has hosted Introducing God for two weeks now. It has been great to have some visitors along as we explore together what life is about and why we are here.
Introducing God starts at 6:30pm every Sunday over the next 6 weeks. Live music, nice coffee and great food!

Introducing God

Starting on Sunday the 14th of October we will be running our Introducing God course. It kicks off at 6:30pm each week. It is hosted by Cafe Sete, so it will involve great coffee and supper.

The course is designed for anyone who is interested in thinking more about Spiritual things, especially relating to what Christians believe. We hope that the course is not merely a transfer of knowledge, but an opportunity to grow.

All are welcome!

Tomorrow, the 7th of October, we finish off looking at Colossians with Josh Ling, visiting preacher!

Colossians 3

Tomorrow we will be looking at the Recipe for growth in our lives. Colossians 3 reminds us that Jesus has silenced the judge in our minds, so we can live lives of grace!

As Cafe Sete is hosting Church tomorrow morning we will be in the hall enjoying coffee and stuff! All welcome!

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