Jacob's Journey

At our 10am Church time we have been following Jacob's Journey in Genesis. It has been a great reminder of just how mixed up families can be. Deceit, multiple wives, jealousy and manipulation all feature.

Thankfully, the story of Jacob also points to a God who keeps his promises. Although everyone in Jacob's family is taking matters into their own hands, God never loses control of the situation. His promises to protect, and to be present come through, again and again.

Our God really is an awesome God.

Cafe continues...

Our term of looking deeper into relationships continued last Sunday as we looked at the idea of "the One". We were thinking of it in terms of a life long partner, not as in Neo from the Matrix.

This coming Sunday we are looking at the idea of adulthood. We will discuss things that define adulthood, and how sometimes we fail to take on adulthood when we should. Best of all, we will looking at affirming how great adulthood is!

Cafe Sete runs from 6:30 pm on Sundays during school term. Cafe Sete provides local live music, an opportunity to openly discuss issues and concerns with great coffee and food.

This Sunday, music will be provided by Two Directions.

Sunday the 21st of July.

This Sunday s a big day as we settle back into our term time routine again.

At 10am we have Church at the normal time, but it will be a Cafe Church, hosted by Cafe Sete. Informal Church in a Cafe setting!

After Church we will be having a Church lunch. People are asked to bring some food to share.

Our Teens program starts back at 5pm.

Cafe Sete term launch kicks off with "The Sound of White Chocolate" providing the music. This term Cafe Sete will be looking deeper into relationships. We will be exploring what makes good relationships, and thinking through relationship problems.

Visitors are always welcome!

MuddySky to feature at Cafe Sete after party!

This Sunday evening Cafe Sete is winding up our "Tough Topics" course with an after party. Live entertainment will be supplied by local duo, MuddySky.

Kicking off from 6:30pm Sunday. Feel free to drop in!

Cafe Sete continues!

Our Cafe Sete course for this term (Tough Questions)is still poking along! Last week we thought about whether or not suffering disproves a loving God, while La Nada supplied live entertainment.

This Sunday will see us pondering the unforgivable sin (if indeed it exists), while live entertainment will be supplied by Jade.

Cafe Sete is free, informal, relaxed, informative and tries hard to be relevant. It provides a forum for discussion, a place for community, and a stage for aspiring artists.

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