At our meetings listed below, all people are welcome no matter where they currently feel they are at in relation to God.

– Sundays, 10am –

Our church meets every Sunday at 10am to encourage each other, get to know each other and challenge each other. At these meetings we generally sing, pray, read the Bible and learn/think through what we read. We try to apply what we learn to our everyday lives.

We hang around afterwards for a cuppa and a chat. Sometimes we also have lunch together in the hall, and upcoming dates are available in the Sunday bulletin. We’d love to have you come along!

Regular updates can be found on our facebook page.

– Home Churches –

A ‘Home Church’ is a smaller group of people who meet during the week in the homes of some of our members. We have dinner together and aim to get to know each other more and encourage each other, wherever we stand in our relationship with God. Each home church has a different feel, but often involves sharing how our lives have been going, praying for each other, and reflecting on something from the Bible in particular for how it might apply to everyday life.

Contact us for more information on these, or you can ask us about them at the Sunday service.

– Teens at RPC –

Our youth program runs during school term for those in years 6-12. We usually take the opportunity to look at something from the bible and have a bit of discussion, with different games and activities that vary week to week. This can include things like pool, movies, sports, food nights, laser tag, etc.

Contact Dave if you’d like more info!

– Bloke’s Shed Nights –

We have an occasional Shed Group for blokes that aims to “meet in a shed, talk about sheds, play in the shed, critically analyse and evaluate the shed, and meet other like-minded shedaholics.”

Some of the projects that’ve been going on in The Shed include fixing up a couple of lawn mowers to sell for charity and refurbishing a canoe. We hope our Shed in Ryde will work to draw men together and to give them purpose, both in the Shed and outside it!